7 Directions of Service is an indigenous cultural heritage management and consulting firm serving clients for projects of all sizes. Crystal and Jason Keck are indigenous perspective historians, cultural practitioners, and preservationists. 7 Directions of Service has consulted at several Department of Defense locations, museums and organizations across the United States notably including the Fort Riley Historical and Archeological Society, Fort Stewart 3rd ID Museum, and the 82nd Airborne Historical Society.

As an experienced leader, we have consistently delivered quality services at the best value to its clients and developed an outstanding reputation with clients and regulatory agencies for understanding the intricacies of heritage management planning, permitting, and project implementation. In the past centuries have been influenced by non-traditional ways of life, resulting in traditional practices being lost. Our areas have contaminated rivers, fish and wildlife caused from industrial plants, coal ash plants, nuclear plants, pipelines which have been located upstream from most of our tribal communities for many decades. Social Justice, Environmental Justice, are all entangled with each other. Climate change, long-term changes in weather patterns caused by greenhouse gas/emissions, etc  poses an additional threat to our tribal communities. The phenomenon is projected to bring a number of changes to the areas including an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events such as ice storms, hurricanes, straight line winds, and severe storms that has caused many trees and utility poles to fall and produced widespread blackouts. Our indigenous communities need to plan for climate change not because the climate is changing but because the climate is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Climate change is here and adaptation needs to robust. It is no longer possible to not do something about climate change.    

Our portfolio reflects numerous accolades and acknowledgments from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Highway Administration, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Society for American Archaeology, the American Cultural Resources Association, and NC Department of State. Our firm and members of our team maintain active participation in different organizations like, Federally Recognized Tribal Governments, State Historic Preservation Offices, museums, Tribal Historic Preservation Offices, Museums, Historical Societies, K-12 schools, universities, and cultural sites. We also have licensed archaeologists, conservationists, preservationists, anthropologists, and genealogist partners to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels of service.

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