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This is part of a larger overall Indigenous People’s Movement in the Americas engaging in broader discussions and activities as well as being a strong voice in North Carolina. 7 Directions of Service is a keen advocate for indigenous communities and will share their perspective on historical ties as well as current and crucial issues in our region and country, including her work around Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. Their service will celebrate the women who have carried us, and those who will continue to carry and guide us, while also honoring those who have been taken.  

Most presentations and workshops begin with a traditional introduction, discuss oppression and trafficking of humans, particularly indigenous women and children in NC, talking about participation and issues related to pipeline construction, and opportunities to help with these important causes, among other topics.

For indigenous communities across the country, and in the Piedmont of North Carolina, we can see evidence of explicit attempts to take and control both land and people and there is a growing need to stand up for our neighbors and the land that sustains all of us. 7 Directions of Service emphasizes that the construction man camps that the pipelines bring into the affected communities has a link between missing murdered and indigenous women. These camps are everywhere around where oil or coal or mines. Also a draw for drugs and human trafficking. The cause for this is the camps of thousands of male workers who have come to their territory to profit from the pipelines, settling into what are commonly called “man camps”, and more than doubling the population with an influx of workers not from the community.  Women are the creators of life. We carry that water that creates life just as Mother Earth carries the water that maintains our life.

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